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All About MSDO

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MSDO - Municipal Service Delivery Officials Association


About MSDO

MSDO promotes citizen-focussed municipal service delivery excellence in Canada through:

  •     professional development at its annual national conference
  •     sharing information and best practices in online forums, common interest groups, and at other events
  •     participating in broader initiatives, advancing municipal service delivery interests at provincial and national levels.



To be a highly visible, sustainable and recognized association of engaged members collaborating to promote municipal service delivery excellence in Canada.



To promote municipal service delivery excellence for Canadians by providing members with:

  •     access to information, resources, best practices and like-minded municipal service professionals;
  •     a strong municipal voice in broader public service improvement initiatives
  •     a sustainable association that meets the needs of members.


We welcome you to contact us and learn about the many benefits that joining MSDO brings to you and your municipality.

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